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Russian quadrillions

The Russian Lotto lottery has existed in Russia for the 25th year.. It is similar to Italian in total number of rooms (and there and there them 90), but completely different from it in the possibility of winning the main category: currently * likely to hit the jackpot (that is, fill in 15 numbers from 15, and on 15 running) makes up fantastic 1:45 795 673 964 460 800 or one chance at 45 quadrillion (if we talk about the ticket, where are there two playing fields, then the chance is 1:22 897 836 982 230 400 or one to 22,9 quadrillion). There are simply no events of this order in our life..

Even if we compare this figure with examples of other complex lotteries, it turns out, what to pick up a jack in the "Russian Lotto":

  • in 76 million times harder than Powerball or Megamillions
  • in 36 million times harder than SuperEnalotto

However, these figures do not reflect the essence, this is just the result of dividing the probabilities in different lotteries. In fact, you can say differently: if the jackpot is won regularly in American lotteries (several times a year) due to the large number of participants, and in Italy a little less often (due to fewer participants and a more complex formula), then in Russia the jackpot, according to the current rules, you can't win at all! This is mathematically impossible..

The main prize of the lottery "Russian Lotto", recently exceeded a billion, can someone get it only if the organizers decide to give it away, by temporarily changing the rules of the jackpot drawing or - in the second round, as it happened on the New Year.

It's hard to call the game a lottery, with an interesting approach like Russian Lotto. Moreover, the cost of participation in it (now it 100 rubles, i.e 1,4 euros), more expensive than SuperEnalotto (1 euros), and the winnings of at least the second prize category are completely ridiculous:

  • 1 million rubles, if you translate them into euros, it's only € 14-15 thousand
  • in terms of circulation, in which (regularly!) the win of the second category is funny 200-300 thousand rubles, then in euros it is respectively, € 3-4 thousand.

When comparing these indicators (we have a more expensive bet and it is impossible to win the jackpot in principle) the conclusion suggests itself, that Italians are still interested in playing SuperEnalotto, despite, that this lottery is the most difficult in the world.

Topics, who does not live in Italy, can participate in the SuperEnalotto lottery using the help of TheLotter

For Russians, the opportunity to participate in foreign lotteries is limited by bans on transfers abroad for transactions containing a code indicating gambling (MCC 7995). However, if you wish, you can send money by regular bank transfer, eg, through Sberbank (commission 1% from 15 000 rubles. Or, minimum - 150 rubles for one transfer)

As for the "Russian Lotto", then with such rules for drawing a jackpot, it is difficult to call it a lottery. This is an unfair gamble, outshines the participants with marketing gimmicks and an incredible jackpot, the decision on the drawing of which is made exclusively by the operator, only then, when he wants it

Austria Lotto Information

Odds of Winning

Check out the table below for a quick overview of which Austrian lotteries have the best odds:

Odds of Winning the Jackpot Odds of Winning the Lowest Prize Tier
EuroMillions 1 in 139,838,160 1 in 22
Lotto 6/45 1 in 8,415,060 1 in 16
Lucky Day 1 in 584,400 1 in 13.37

Austria Lottery Tickets and Age Restrictions

You can buy Austrian lottery tickets from any of the 5,100+ authorized retailers around the country. You can also play online. Austrian Lotteries’ official online gaming platform,, is open to players who live in Austria and have a Austrian bank account.

Players have to be at least 18 years old in order to participate in any of Austrian Lotteries’ games.

Can international players play Austrian Lotteries online?

Yes. You can enlist the service of a third-party agent like theLotter to play from outside Austria. You can check out our review to find out why theLotter is our top recommendation.

Lottery Taxes in Austria

Lottery winnings in Austria are not taxable. If you win within the country, you are guaranteed the full advertised amount of the prize. However, taking the prize outside the country might incur additional taxes.

Prize Claiming

Winnings €1,000 or less can easily be claimed at any Austrian Lotteries retailer.

Winnings between €1,000.10 and €80,000 require you to fill up some claim forms and waiting for 4 weeks to get your prize.

Winnings over €80,000 require you to go directly to the Austrian Lotteries Customer Service Center located in Vienna.

Other Lotteries Worth Checking out

Draws for the Finland Lotto take place each Saturday. If you want to know more about Finland Lotto results as well as other lotteries of the world and their results, check out Multilotto. It pays to sign up with a registered and licensed gaming company like Multilotto. You’ll find lotteries such as MegaMillions, Mega-Sena, Powerball, Irish Lotto, German Lotto, New York Lotto and El Gordo among many others. Multilotto provides useful information on each one so you can make your choice fully informed. Customers from more than 135 different countries all make use of Multi Lotto which communicates in 15 different languages.

Multilotto was launched in 2011. It is, in fact, one of the leading international betting services for lotteries. They aren’t a lottery operator but you can buy your tickets online and the Finland Lotto results and that of other lotteries will appear on the site immediately after the draw. It’s just a case of signing up, choosing your numbers, paying for them and waiting in anticipation.

¿Iquest;Play Austria Lottery Online?

Lottery fans in Austria and around the world have a chance to win their fortune by changing from the renowned Austrian online lottery. Founded in 1986, This lottery has continued to capture the attention of lottery experts and betting enthusiasts alike.. Usually, Austria's online lottery is fun and lucrative. First, your earnings are not subject to the Austrian tax authority. Tickets are available for purchase on online platforms, while the odds of winning are just as friendly because you only need to get it right 6 numbers. What's more, apart from the delicious boat, there are nine other guaranteed winning combinations that come with impressive payouts.

How To Play Finland Lotto Online

As mentioned earlier, you have to be 15 years or older to play the Finland Lotto. It is a game where you need to choose 7 Finland Lottery numbers from the pool of 39. A single line with the lotto will cost you as little as 1 Euro when you buy your tickets in the country. There are other ways to enhance your winning chances – enter the Joker game or else you can opt for the available Double, and this will cost you another 0.25 Euro, but is every cent worth it. The Finland Lotto comes with a guaranteed jackpot of at least 700,000 Euro, so all that it requires from you is to get the correct 7 numbers lined up.

Choose your own lucky numbers or choose Quickpick where numbers are randomly selected for you. Matching all 7 of the main numbers makes you a winner of the first division prize – the big jackpot. Even though the lotto starts off at €700,000, it can grow into much larger sums of money. It rolls over each time its not won and after 5 draws if it still hasn’t been won, the prize money is then distributed amongst winners of the second prize tier. Don’t miss out because the draw is on Saturday 8.45pm and after 8.30, the cut-off time for buying tickets, you don’t want to miss out.

  • If the lottery isn’t won, it’s rolled over
  • It’s a traditional jackpot game, using a matrix 7/39
  • Additional number – the bonus – is used to determine 2nd-prize winners

How Does Austria Lotto Work?

The Basics

As previously mentioned, Austria Lotto uses the 6/45 lottery format—which means players pick six numbers from a selection range of 1 to 45. There’s also a bonus number, known as the Zusatzzahl, drawn from the same pool of 45 numbers. Unlike some lotteries, however, this extra number doesn’t dictate the jackpot winner. Instead, it determines who wins in some of lower prize divisions (namely, the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th tiers).

Speaking of winning, you must match all 6 of your numbers to bag the jackpot prize. Matching 5, plus the additional number, meanwhile, gives you the second prize win. Matching only 5, without the bonus number, lets you take home the third prize, and so on.

In total, Austria Lotto features 8 prize divisions you can win in—with the lowest requirement for winning is by getting a 0+1 match. This means that if you only match the Zusatzzahl number, you can still win something.

By the way, if no one wins the current jackpot, a rollover will occur and add on to each succeeding draw’s prize pot until someone wins. This means that, theoretically, the prizes could become ridiculously huge thanks to the rollover mechanic.

The Odds of Winning

Thanks to the fact that the bonus Zusatzzahl number is also drawn from the same pool of 45 numbers, you will get some relatively favorable odds here compared to lotteries that rely on two separate number pools for its main and bonus numbers. Check out the quick breakdown below to see what your chances are for each prize tier:

Numbers Matched Odds of Winning
6 1 in 8,415,060
5+1 1 in 1,357,510
5 1 in 34,808
4+1 1 in 14,290
4 1 in 733
3+1 1 in 579
3 1 in 45
0+1 1 in 16
Odds of Winning Anything 1 in 12

So What Happens if You Win?

If you win in Austria Lotto, you’ll be glad to know that all prizes are 100% tax-free. That is, of course, if you live in Austria. If you live in another country, however, your local tax laws may still apply. Plus, if you used an online lottery service, there may be commission fees to consider as well (though this will depend on the website you used). Another thing to note is that prizes are paid out in lump sum form—so don’t expect to get your winnings in yearly installments.

As for getting your winnings, the process depends on how much you’ve won. For instance, winnings €1,000 or less can easily be claimed—within 6 months from the draw—at any Austria Lotto retailer. Meanwhile, winnings between €1,000.10 and €80,000 require you to fill up some claim forms and waiting for 4 weeks to get your prize.

History of The Veikkaus Lotto

Finland has a long lottery history and in fact, the first lotteries were already being organized in the 1940s. The Finnish government licensed the games, regulating the way people play and win. Known also as Veikkaus Lotto, the Finland Lotto was launched in 1970 with the first draw taking place on January 3rd 1971. The Lotto game’s popularity soon spread and this Finland Lottery 7/39 is a traditional jackpot and today, it’s the flagship game offered by Oy Veikkaus Ab. History tells us that the biggest jackpot won so far was in 2004 when a cool 5.7 million euro was won by a family who matched all the numbers when Finland lotto results were announced.

Lotto prizes 6 out 45

It takes about 50% ticket revenue. The number of winning combinations - 8, thanks to which the chance of winning is very high.

The prize fund of each draw is divided into 8 parts, each of which the winners share equally. Exception - Lowest, fixed prize 1.2 euro for combinations 0 + Z, 1+Z и 2+Z. Always remains in reserve 1.5% on occasion, if there are many winners in this category.

Prizes are distributed as follows:

Combination Share of the prize fund, % Average payoff, euros
6 40 1.75 million
5+WITH 5.5 40 000
5 6 1 150
4+WITH 2.1 160
4 9.9 40
3+WITH 4.8 15
3 17.6 4.5
0+WITH, 1+Z or 2 + Z about 12.6 1.2 (fixed)

The decision to keep your money turned out to be fatal

Even after, how Francisco became a millionaire, he did not leave his craft. The winner decided not to spend the received winnings, instead he kept the money on his own for two years (where and how is unknown), and then decided to use the services of a bank. This step became fatal in his fate.. The choice fell on Banco Santander, the largest financial institution in Spain. Francisco was sure, that all his money is quietly on the deposit, but he was greatly mistaken. All of his funds were invested in high-risk investment products, which did not bring the expected profit.

Francisco found out about the trick only in 2009 year, when he needed meniscus surgery. The cost of surgery is thirty thousand euros. The bricklayer decided to withdraw money from his deposit account, but an unpleasant surprise awaited him at the bank. His money is gone. And that's not all. Francisco became a debtor to the bank! And all because, Spain fell into a serious financial crisis and assets were rapidly depreciating.

Naturally, the decision to place funds in risky assets was made on the advice of a bank employee. The consultant convinced Francisco, that with such a large amount you need to do just that. The winner decided to trust the "professional".

However, it is worth remembering, that bank employees are not responsible for the safety of the client's money. They often receive additional premiums for selling certain investment packages.. Therefore, they are primarily interested in their well-being., and not in the interests of the client. And the riskier the proposed product, the higher the likelihood, that the employee is financially motivated to sell it.

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