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Powerball Results

For the very latest Lotto and Powerball results across Australia visit PowerballResults.com.au

With one of Australia’s largest weekly prize jackpots, Powerball provides millions of Australians the chance to make their biggest dreams come true each and every week.

PowerballResults.com.au is an Australian lottery website providing information about Powerball played on Thursday nights. You can search both current and archived Powerball results here anytime at your convenience and to enter Powerball, simply go to the table above or click here to enter the next available draw.

How does Powerball work?

In Australia, the Powerball lottery requires you to choose seven standard numbers from a selection of 1 to 35 on your entry coupon. Then, in a second panel consisting of just 20 numbers, 1 to 20, select one Powerball number. In April 2018 the powerball game matrix changed from the previous version where you had to choose six numbers from a selection of 40 plus the one powerball.

To win a prize in Powerball, which has a guaranteed weekly first division prize pool of $3 million minimum, you need to have selected at least 2 winning numbers from the first draw of seven numbers in one of your games plus also the winning powerball number in the second draw. Although Powerball has the guaranteed weekly pool it often jackpots up to $40 Million, $50 Million, $60m Million and has even been as high as $100 million in a single weekly draw.

Powerball results are available courtesy of an Australian government accredited distributor of official Australian lottery games online. You can buy Australian lottery tickets here through a safe and secure encrypted website.

Our partnerships also provides players with direct access to Thursday Powerball results and statistics including the very latest dividends and details of the Next Draw.

Save yourself time and a lot of effort not driving to the newsagent or lottery agent each week when at PowerballResults.com.au you can quickly and easily buy your own Powerball tickets and even Lotto Syndicate entries online. You can also enter for weeks or months in advance if preferred so you won’t ever miss your chance again to win.

More information on how to play, closure times for draws, most frequent winning numbers and the costs to play Powerball, Monday lotto, Tuesday Oz lotto, Wednesday lotto and Saturday lotto are also all available here.

Remember next time avoid the queues and purchase your Powerball tickets, Lotto and Lottery entries online here.

Latest Australian Powerball Results

Every week on Thursday night the Powerball lottery is drawn. It is one of the largest lotteries played in Australia with the weekly prize pool start at the minimum guaranteed $3 Million. But because it regularly jackpots it can often climb up to $30 Million, and has even reached a record $100 Million division one prize pool. Because of it’s large jackpots Powerball is very popular and people are always trying to find the results as soon as it is drawn. The draw time is usually around 8:30pm AEST (or AEDT during daylight savings). Tickets usually close around 6:30-7pm on the night of the draw, but it is best to get your tickets earlier to avoid any queues at your local newsagent or potential slow websites or downtime if too many people try to buy online in the last minute rush.

The Powerball results are usually released around 9pm on Thursday night, however if you do buy your tickets online you will be able to login and see if you have won straight away plus you will also be notified as they have your contact details. There have been a number of cases where people with unregistered tickets have won massive jackpots of more than $30 million, and were unaware of their life-changing win for days and even months because they had forgotten about their ticket or misplaced it. Don’t risk losing your tickets, or accidentally putting them through the wash, and always register them or buy online.

The latest Powerball results will be published here every Thursday night, so check back to see if you have won or if the draw has jackpotted again for the next week’s draw.

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